A note from Tom G O'Neal

"Be present in the moment. Simply wait for that shimmer and sparkle that comes into the light...then take the shot"


The Reveal…she waits under the Oak Tree in Carmel Valley

The reveal is becoming an important part of the wedding.  For each wedding I do this differently- the bride waits for the groom to see her for the first time.  This is a big moment.  I always keep in mind that this is the vision and image he will hold throughout time.  The reveals is visually stunning, intimate, and fantastic to photograph.  Thanks to my lens’ I can shoot from afar.  I tell the brides that this is a dynamic and powerful moment, and in no way does it diminish the drama and beauty of the walk own the aisle.


Kerry and John have a moment before their ceremony

A fantastic wedding at Monterey Plaza


The Courtyard at Holman Ranch

The Courtyard at Holman Ranch

We did the reveal, bridal party, and group shots before the Ceremony.



I shot this wedding with Jay Goldman and Matt Kelly. Two awesome photographers!